Frosty the Snowbitch (slightly_frayed) wrote in novus_spiritus,
Frosty the Snowbitch

I'm new!

Hi there, I'm new to this community but most definitely not new to Gnosticism or to Novus. I thought perhaps I'd give a brief introduction before I asked my question. I hope to be settling in here for the long haul, anyway.

My name is Laurie and I live in Ontario. I'm 18 and I'm going through university for Criminology and Philosophy. I know that this is my last life (finally!), and I believe I've reached level 4 on the other side. I adore music, and I play numerous instruments as well as voice (my question is somewhat related to this, which is why I felt I should mention it). I discovered Gnosticism through Sylvia Browne (like most others). After years of searching for truth, I had finally found something that resonated with me. It stuck, and I have never felt more assured.

This will likely be the most random question that's ever been asked here, but I figured who else to ask but people who share my belief system and way of life?

I was playing guitar tonight, and the strangest thing happened. Guitar is relatively new to me, and so I'm still learning chords. I randomly came across an E7 chord in a song I was attempting to play, and (here's where I start sounding crazy) when I figured out the fingering and played it the first time, I was shocked. For some strange reason, I started crying. I swear on my life that this is the most perfect combination of harmonics I've ever heard. I suppose my question is: Can we vibrate to a particular frequency of sound at any given time? Could there be a reason why I reponded to this the way I did tonight? Surely in the music I've encountered in this life (a LOT of it), I've come across this chord before.

I'm asking here because I somehow know that this was a deeply spiritual reaction I had.

Thanks for reading. Any insight at all (and even a few 'hello's) would be great!
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