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Two questions...

I am unsure what my Spirit Guides name is. Sylvia has always said take the first thought that comes to mind when you ask a question. When I asked what my spirit guides name was the name 'Peter' came back. However, when I was younger my mom told me (and I remember) that I had a cabbage patch doll that I named Adam. I don't remember why I named him Adam, I just did. So lately I have been wondering if his name is Adam or Peter. The reason I am leaning towards Adam is because I've always loved that name for no reason and I even named my favorite doll after hime (I was four). I'm a little confused.

Second question...

I do not like to leave my journal entries open for just anyone else to read (I have had a problem with weird people leaving comments in the past) I was wondering if I make these posts friends only will the people in this group (seeing as how I am a member) be able ot read my posts or do I have to go around and add everyone in the group?
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