Mandy (only_just_jade) wrote in novus_spiritus,

Spirit guide story

I heard my spirit guide of the first time Tuesday night!  I am just so excited and I wanted to share it with someone :) 

It was just as Sylvia described- really fast and high pitched, and in my right ear.  I just wish I could have understood what he/she said!  I have tried to contact my spirit guide before with no luck and haven't really tried recently, though sometimes I would just talk to him/her.  I was really upset on Tuesday night and I was just crying and crying and praying/talking to Mother God and my spirit guide and a little while later I heard it in my ear.  It was the most comforting thing ever and I am so grateful!  I hope to hear him/her again soon and maybe understand what they say.  But just hearing that... and knowing that I'm not alone... is not only so reassuring but touching as well :) 

I'd like to hear some of your spirit guide stories if anyone would like to share!

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