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Gnosticism Vs. Novus

(Disclaimer: before you read, realize that I have studied pretty hardcore about Sylvia's teachings and I am just getting really into the Gnostic texts. I am in no way an expert about Gnosticism. AND I DO NOT MEAN TO BASH SYLVIA OR ANYONE HERE! Thanks.)

Has anyone else actually read any books about Gnosticism? I picked up "Gnosticism: New Light On The Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing" and thus far I have to say that Sylvia's take on Gnosticism is MUUUUUUCH different then what is talked about in this book.

For instance; Sophia--- I know that Sylvia compairs Azna to Sophia, The Virgin Mary etc. However... she fails to mention that in Gnostic texts Sophia IS the female God. Or the fact that there is an entire almost 400 page book called "Pistis Sophia" about Sophia's rise and fall... not only that but the relationship between Jesus, Sophia and Mary Magdalene.

*scratches chin*

Very interesting. Plus, it also mentions that Gnosticism isn't taking what you want and leaving the rest behind. It isn't a a little bit of everything. (I'm not done with the book yet.) Like Sylvia says, do your own research and thus far a lot of what she says IS Gnosticism isn't holding. :|

I can see why the people who do actually follow these teachings of Jesus would be upset.

I urge everyone to check out this link:

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