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My Spirit Guide.

Hi there. Just joined. I have been reading Sylvia's books ferociously for the past two weeks, my eyes have been opened up to so much wisdom and my life has completely changed. Having once been a buddhist, and believing in past lives already, I warmed up to Sylvia's books so quickly (a dear friend introduced me to Sylvia) and I am so glad that I did! One of the first things that my friend Colette did was do the 'contacting your spirit guide' meditation with me... I came up with the names Peter (who i think is my spirit guide, italian-looking) and also Sebastian (who i think is my soul mate, of african descent, on the other side.) I just want to make sure, though. Is anyone on this board psychic in some way and able to confirm this? These names and faces just kind of came to me while I was doing the meditation and I just want to make sure I wasn't just 'making up' something... How are you truly able to confirm what you feel is right but is so esoteric in nature?

PS If anyone's interested, visit my journal to read about my new awakening being a gnostic christian and following sylvia browne's teachings...

I'd also like to make friends on here who I could talk with regularly and perhaps learn a few things from, etc, ask questions.


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