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Friday, December 14th, 2007
6:06 pm
Old Testament God vs. New Testament God
My thoughts are in Bold

So this is what I have been reading about the most lately. When I get something in my head.. A question or somthing.. that is what I will study.. and lately it has been the differences between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament. Let's face it...they are really freaking different. The OT God is violent and vengeful and hateful and the NT God is loving and full of forgiveness.

In my reading I have found that there are two explanations for this.. One.. is from "Mainstream" Christianity claims that they are the the same God. And gives many "excuses" for why they are so different. To me.. that is all they are.. excuses. No one knows for sure. Everyone has their opinions. But to me.. it sounds like they are grasping at straws.
The other explanation is from "Gnostic" Christianity. They believe that the reason they are so different is because they are two completely different beings.

Here is some of what I have been reading..



In my opinion.. the Gnostic reasoning makes more sense..
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
8:54 am
Gnostic Radio
If you are like me and enjoy listening to audio a times as well as reading.. You might enjoy these too. I found a website called Gnostic Radio.

Some of my favorites..

Epiphany of Christ
The four gospels, the symbolism of the birth of John the Baptist, and the birth of Christ.
22.05 MB mp3

Dream Yoga and Astral Travel
An introduction to the practical steps toward awakening in the internal planes, or in other words, Astral Travel.
18.17 MB mp3

A practical introduction to mindfulness, awareness, attention, consciousness, self-observation and Self-remembering.
42.33 MB mp3

The foundations of Gnosis (Self-knowledge) and the opportunity we have to change the world.
19.09 MB mp3

You can find these and many more at Gnostic Radio
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
2:43 pm
Spirit guide story
I heard my spirit guide of the first time Tuesday night!  I am just so excited and I wanted to share it with someone :) 

It was just as Sylvia described- really fast and high pitched, and in my right ear.  I just wish I could have understood what he/she said!  I have tried to contact my spirit guide before with no luck and haven't really tried recently, though sometimes I would just talk to him/her.  I was really upset on Tuesday night and I was just crying and crying and praying/talking to Mother God and my spirit guide and a little while later I heard it in my ear.  It was the most comforting thing ever and I am so grateful!  I hope to hear him/her again soon and maybe understand what they say.  But just hearing that... and knowing that I'm not alone... is not only so reassuring but touching as well :) 

I'd like to hear some of your spirit guide stories if anyone would like to share!

Saturday, June 16th, 2007
3:35 pm
I've been wondering this for a while... I don't know if it's in a Sylvia Browne book or not.  I was hoping someone here could help me out with it...

How do you contact a spirit, if the spirit has been reincarnated?  Can we not communicate with spirits who are living a new, reincarnated life?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
4:15 pm
Jerry Falwell
The man is dead.

Do you think he made it to the other side, or is he back in Utero having gone through the left door?

I know what my guide told me, what do you all think?

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
1:20 pm
I'm fairly new to this. Does Sylvia ever see these boards? Would she ever comment to us? I am very interested in this study but everytime I 've wanted to see Sylvia or try and get some information, I can't have enough money ever to do so as my funds are limited. Does she ever read out of the goodness of her heart just becasue she can?

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, September 21st, 2006
2:07 am
I'm new!
Hi there, I'm new to this community but most definitely not new to Gnosticism or to Novus. I thought perhaps I'd give a brief introduction before I asked my question. I hope to be settling in here for the long haul, anyway.

My name is Laurie and I live in Ontario. I'm 18 and I'm going through university for Criminology and Philosophy. I know that this is my last life (finally!), and I believe I've reached level 4 on the other side. I adore music, and I play numerous instruments as well as voice (my question is somewhat related to this, which is why I felt I should mention it). I discovered Gnosticism through Sylvia Browne (like most others). After years of searching for truth, I had finally found something that resonated with me. It stuck, and I have never felt more assured.

This will likely be the most random question that's ever been asked here, but I figured who else to ask but people who share my belief system and way of life?

I was playing guitar tonight, and the strangest thing happened. Guitar is relatively new to me, and so I'm still learning chords. I randomly came across an E7 chord in a song I was attempting to play, and (here's where I start sounding crazy) when I figured out the fingering and played it the first time, I was shocked. For some strange reason, I started crying. I swear on my life that this is the most perfect combination of harmonics I've ever heard. I suppose my question is: Can we vibrate to a particular frequency of sound at any given time? Could there be a reason why I reponded to this the way I did tonight? Surely in the music I've encountered in this life (a LOT of it), I've come across this chord before.

I'm asking here because I somehow know that this was a deeply spiritual reaction I had.

Thanks for reading. Any insight at all (and even a few 'hello's) would be great!
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
8:15 pm
Gnosticism Vs. Novus
(Disclaimer: before you read, realize that I have studied pretty hardcore about Sylvia's teachings and I am just getting really into the Gnostic texts. I am in no way an expert about Gnosticism. AND I DO NOT MEAN TO BASH SYLVIA OR ANYONE HERE! Thanks.)

Has anyone else actually read any books about Gnosticism? I picked up "Gnosticism: New Light On The Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing" and thus far I have to say that Sylvia's take on Gnosticism is MUUUUUUCH different then what is talked about in this book.

For instance; Sophia--- I know that Sylvia compairs Azna to Sophia, The Virgin Mary etc. However... she fails to mention that in Gnostic texts Sophia IS the female God. Or the fact that there is an entire almost 400 page book called "Pistis Sophia" about Sophia's rise and fall... not only that but the relationship between Jesus, Sophia and Mary Magdalene.

*scratches chin*

Very interesting. Plus, it also mentions that Gnosticism isn't taking what you want and leaving the rest behind. It isn't a a little bit of everything. (I'm not done with the book yet.) Like Sylvia says, do your own research and thus far a lot of what she says IS Gnosticism isn't holding. :|

I can see why the people who do actually follow these teachings of Jesus would be upset.

I urge everyone to check out this link:


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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
1:42 am
Hello all,

I've been following Sylvia Browne for awhile. I've recently stumbled upon Novus Spiritus and finally have found something that resembles my belief structure after a long time of searching.

Like I said, I'm a newbie, and I really haven't had the means to get any of Sylvia's books or anything, but I was wondering if anyone knew if she's ever said anything about four leaf clovers. I've found, I dare say, thousands in my life time and I've always interpreted them, not as -oh my goodness, it's my lucky day! I'm going to play the lottery- but as signs from either God or my guide or something because they almost always surface when I'm going through a rough time and good times are about to resurface. When I'm going through a bad spell, I often tell my friends I'm going off clover hunting and I use the time to talk to God, asking questions and having positive answers be indicated by finding a four leaf clover and negative answers be indicated by not. It sounds crazy, but the strangest thing about it is the answers have always been correct. So, if anyone knows about this, please do let me know.

Also, I'm pretty sure that my spirit guide is a male, and his name is something weird to me, Chava, and I swear I have never heard of this name or word or anything before, but apparently it is a name, and it's a female name, and it's the Hebrew equivalent of Eve (I just googled it, haha). So, has anyone felt that their spirit guide is male and have him or her end up being the opposite sex? I mean, not that it should matter, but it makes you have to retrain your think a bit after a few years, right?

I apologize for being so fumbly and eager, I'm just excited to have a platform to express all of this stuff.

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
9:55 pm
Hello, I just joined. I was just introduced to the whole Novus Spiritus thing recently. Which means, since I'm going through a spiritual awakening now, I am also going through a spiritual crisis. I also think I have been in uncharted territory for about 3 years now, and i have a feeling that I have many years to go.

I have been doing the spirit guide meditations... And I was surprised to find that my spirit guide is a woman. Sylvia said that people who are emotional usually have male guides. Perhaps maybe it's because one of my life themes is aesthetic pursuits, which requires more emotional aspects?

What other experiences have people had with their spirit guides?
Friday, June 9th, 2006
12:30 am
Sylvia's Explaination of Bisexuality


So I have a question that's been dwindling in my mind for quite some time.

I am a bisexual female. I am equally attracted to both sexes. I remember being 5 years old and have a crush on Wayne, and then I'd see Kara and get the same butterflies in my stomach. I am very sure of my sexuality.

Anyways, I know Syvlia's stance on homosexuality...that a lot of gay men have had many lives as women in the past, something else about your cell memory being "messed up" and whatnot...well, bisexuality is in the middle of the spectrum, so does anyone know or heard of anything that Syvlia's said about explaining bisexuality?

Thanks in advance, it's great to see a community like this:)

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
8:23 am
Hello Everyone,
I just started up a livejournal again and wanted to get involved in a few communities. :) I am considering starting a Novus group in my area. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'll be posting more soon.

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
12:16 pm
My Spirit Guide.
Hi there. Just joined. I have been reading Sylvia's books ferociously for the past two weeks, my eyes have been opened up to so much wisdom and my life has completely changed. Having once been a buddhist, and believing in past lives already, I warmed up to Sylvia's books so quickly (a dear friend introduced me to Sylvia) and I am so glad that I did! One of the first things that my friend Colette did was do the 'contacting your spirit guide' meditation with me... I came up with the names Peter (who i think is my spirit guide, italian-looking) and also Sebastian (who i think is my soul mate, of african descent, on the other side.) I just want to make sure, though. Is anyone on this board psychic in some way and able to confirm this? These names and faces just kind of came to me while I was doing the meditation and I just want to make sure I wasn't just 'making up' something... How are you truly able to confirm what you feel is right but is so esoteric in nature?

PS If anyone's interested, visit my journal to read about my new awakening being a gnostic christian and following sylvia browne's teachings...

I'd also like to make friends on here who I could talk with regularly and perhaps learn a few things from, etc, ask questions.



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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
8:27 pm
You can delete this if you want, but I just wanted to invite people to my dream interpretation community, dreternity. I interpret paranormal and mystical dreams, as well as regular dreams. I'll interpret nearly every dream that's out there.

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Saturday, January 7th, 2006
5:41 pm
Did Anyone See?
Did anyone see Sylvia on Larry King Live? She was with James Van Praagh and another lady, and they were being interviewed while some skeptics (poo-poo skeptics) a scientist and a Rabbi, were dogging on them for not being real. I think Sylvia was about to leave a few times, she was getting so disgruntled. If I were a psychic and I had skeptics in my face, I would feel disgruntled too!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
8:01 pm
On Richard Pryor
He's dead. My only question: Is anyone even REMOTELY shocked? I know I was. Only because it took him long enough to kick. I mean the man was sick for a LONG time. In any case I wish him safe passage to the other side and a quick orientation.
11:04 am
Sylvia Marathon!
Sylvia is re-broadcasting a number of talk radio shows on hayhouseradio.com! Go check it out!
Friday, December 9th, 2005
10:28 am
Two questions...
I am unsure what my Spirit Guides name is. Sylvia has always said take the first thought that comes to mind when you ask a question. When I asked what my spirit guides name was the name 'Peter' came back. However, when I was younger my mom told me (and I remember) that I had a cabbage patch doll that I named Adam. I don't remember why I named him Adam, I just did. So lately I have been wondering if his name is Adam or Peter. The reason I am leaning towards Adam is because I've always loved that name for no reason and I even named my favorite doll after hime (I was four). I'm a little confused.

Second question...

I do not like to leave my journal entries open for just anyone else to read (I have had a problem with weird people leaving comments in the past) I was wondering if I make these posts friends only will the people in this group (seeing as how I am a member) be able ot read my posts or do I have to go around and add everyone in the group?

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
9:34 pm
Happy Feast Day ALL!
Hi, my name is Krista. I'm 21 and I live near Chicago. For those of you who do not know, I run the DearAzna community on lj.

I have always been really into having a relationship with God and was brought up Lutheran... but the church never answered any of my questions. I always found myself getting in trouble for wanting to know things and the teachers in Sunday school disliked me because of that. I started searching a lot at the age of 15 years old. I am not sure exactly why I did, but I started then and have not stopped.

I am not a psychic, at least not all the time. I never really notice it until afterword. For instence, yesterday, I thought of my friends cousin whom I had only met once at her birthday party. I thought of him out of nowhere and for no reason. I get home and check my lj and find out that SAME cousin died in a car accident. Or one day I had randomly thought about my stepsister (whom I am NOT close to at all) and said 'I bet she is having her baby today'... well I spoke to my father a few days later and he told me that she had had her baby the same day I said that.

The 'weirdest' things that have happened to me..

- I have astral catalepsy. I have gotten out of my body a few times but never out of my room during these experiances.
- I have heard my spirit guide (I believe his name is either Peter or Adam) say 'shhhhh' when I am trying to go to bed.
- I get ringing in my right ear fairly often.
- And.. I've had a number of dreams about my Uncle who passed away almost three years ago.

Other than that I read everything I can get my hands on, I am even considering returning to collegeto study theology. :)

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
7:23 pm
Tomorrow is Mother Azna Feast Day, so don't forget to say your prayers and write your petition!

Have a good day!
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